Blackboard Exit Strategies for Instructors

Whether you’re migrating off Blackboard to Canvas, taking course materials with you when transferring to another university, or simply archiving course materials and student submissions for your own records, here are several steps you might consider taking:

Export Your Course as a Package

You can export your course materials and content as a single file that can be imported into another instance of Blackboard elsewhere, and in some cases, imported into another learning management system (LMS) like Canvas. See instructions.

Please note:

The contents of this ZIP file are not in a format that allows you to easily open and interpret them outside of an LMS, so you’ll have to import them into an LMS to access them again. Also, when importing this file into an existing Bb course site or another LMS, you won’t necessarily end up with a perfect copy. Some cleanup may be required, and not all components will migrate perfectly. That’s why we recommend you consider building a Canvas site from scratch rather than using this export/import process.

Export Subsets of Course Content

These options permit easier access to portions of your course content.

Export Document Files Associated with Your Course

The Export function above allows you to include attached files (images, DOC, PDF, PPT, and so forth) with the package, but you can also download these files separately in their own ZIP file, which makes it easy for you to access the files themselves. See instructions.

Export Gradebook

You can easily export a course’s Grade Center contents in Excel format (also readable by other spreadsheet software). Note that this option includes a separate step if you wish to save the comments associated with particular gradebook entries. See instructions.

Export Student Submissions

For each assignment that required a student document submission (e.g., a term paper), you can download a ZIP file containing all submissions for that assignment. See instructions.

Collect and Save Discussion Posts

You can save a PDF document containing all posts in a forum. First follow the instructions for collecting discussion posts (be sure to select all before collecting them), then print from your web browser to a PDF document and save the document. Do this for each forum.

Export Course Content Not in Blackboard

If you use Turnitin or Kaltura, consider the following additional steps.

Export Rubrics and Custom GradeMarks from Turnitin

While the steps above can save documents submitted by students through Turnitin, there are separate steps for:

Note: The last two steps aren’t needed for Canvas migration if your account email is the same in Blackboard and in Canvas. Your rubrics and QuickMark sets will be retained, since Turnitin customizations are tied to your user account with Turnitin. However, it would be best to set up a TII assignment in Canvas to check to see if your account settings from Blackboard have carried over. 

Export Copies of Kaltura Videos

We strongly recommend keeping local copies of any video clips that you upload to the Kaltura Media Gallery. There is no export function for the gallery, so if for some reason you have misplaced your originals, contact the Support desk to arrange for these to be delivered to you via FSU Dropbox.

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  • 18-Apr-2018