How to download files from Blackboard as a student

As long as access to previous course sites is available, you may download submitted assignments and course files within Blackboard. 

Blackboard access will end when Canvas is fully launched. We recommend you download your important files before Bb disappears July 1, 2018. 

You may need the information for your career portfolio or graduate school.

Please use the methods below to obtain these files before it's too late!

1.  How to download files from your Blackboard course sites

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course site.
  2. Under the course menu select Student Tools.
  3. Within Student Tools, select My Grades. From there, you'll be able to access any available documents you've uploaded for your assignments.

Please note: Assignments that are available to download from My Grades can also be found from the assignments course menu, as described below.

2.  How to download files the course library or assignments page

  1. Navigate to your Blackboard course site and select Assignments or Course Library. These are common course areas where the instructor has provided useful course information to view or download. These are commonly PDF files, Word documents, Powerpoint slides, and downloadable videos.

Need the Syllabus? Feel free to navigate to that specific content area using the same steps from above!

If you have any questions or concerns about the content available to download, please contact the instructor or teaching assistant of the course. We can also grant graduate students 24-hour access to previously enrolled courses until access to Blackboard is removed next year.

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