01/11/2017: Blackboard Performance Issues [RESOLVED]

3:42pm, 01/11/2017

Some students are receiving "Persistence Exception" errors when trying to complete their tests and quizzes. In these cases, instead of being able to begin the attempt, they immediately receive the following error message:

blackboard.persist.PersistenceException: Error executing database transaction AssessmentAttemptControl.instantiateFromCourseAssessmentId: The class for the root element 'assessment-result' could not be found.

Instructors can verify that the student is, in fact, receiving this error by viewing the assessment attempt in their Grade Center. When clicking to view the attempt, instructors will receive the same error. See instructions below:

  1. Navigate to your course's Full Grade Center
  2. Find the student and assessment column in question, click the dropdown menu on the cell, and click Attempt d/m/yy

  3. If the persistence exception error appears on your screen, please clear the attempt so the student can try again. The student would not have been able to view any of the questions on his or her previous attempt.

7:00pm, 01/10/2017

Blackboard has remained stable throughout the day with only minor errors being reported. System administrators are working with Blackboard Inc. to improve performance further by the end of the week and restore access to the Bb mobile apps which are currently offline as a precaution.

Only the following issues are currently being reported:

  • Some students receive PersistenceException errors when beginning their tests.
  • Course links set by instructors to open in new tabs/windows are currently opening within the same tab/window.
  • Some users experience occasional disruptions in WebAssign connectivity.

If you are experiencing any other issues that are not documented above or in our Known Issues List, please report them to our staff in full detail.

Thank you, everyone, for your patience this week and for your support. If you have any questions or concerns about Blackboard, please never hesitate to contact the Office of Distance Learning's Technical Support group.

10:30am, 01/10/2017

The First Day Attendance tool is now operational. Please let us know if you have any issues using this tool.

9:30am, 01/10/2017

We appreciate everyone's patience as we continue to stabilize Blackboard. Progress for full stability continues, and we have made the following changes to the system:

  • We have re-enabled the FSU Class Schedule module.
  • Course enrollments have been restored and will run throughout the day. All changes made since yesterday should be reflected in Blackboard. 

Restoring Blackboard has been a continued joint effort with the System administrators from Blackboard Inc. Please expect further updates soon. 

5:30pm, 01/09/2017

Blackboard performance has improved but errors are still being reported for various tools such as First Day Attendance and Course Copy. In order to maintain system stability, we have taken the following precautions:

  • The Bb Mobile Learn, Bb Student, and Bb Grader mobile apps have been disabled.
  • FSU Class Schedule module has been disabled.
  • Course enrollments have been paused. Students who dropped or added courses today will not see these changes in Blackboard until enrollments are resumed.

System administrators hope to recover the system by tomorrow morning but please check back periodically for further updates.

4:30pm, 01/09/2017

Access to Blackboard is stabilizing, although some functions are still unavailable and/or performing slower than usual. This includes requesting course sites and performing course copies.

3:00pm, 01/09/2017

System administrators have just finished installing two new Blackboard app servers to account for the increased usage and are continuing to troubleshoot the problem in coordination with Blackboard Inc.’s software developers. 

2:30pm, 01/09/2017

We'd like to thank everyone for their continued patience as we work to restore access to Blackboard. We have been working with System administrators since this morning to accomplish this task, and will continue to provide updates as soon as they come in. 

12:10pm, 01/09/2017

The full system restart initiated at 11:30am did not remedy the performance issues. System administrators are adding new servers to help offset the load on the system. Thank you for your continued patience.

11:30am, 01/09/2017

System administrators will be performing a full system restart to restore full access to Blackboard. Our current estimate for restoration is set for 11:45am.

10:30am, 01/09/2017

Our Tier II support group has begun the process of restoring full access to our Blackboard servers.

10:05am, 01/09/2017

At this time, Blackboard (https://campus.fsu.edu) is currently experiencing system-wide performance issues due to heavy traffic. This slowdown was reported at 10:05am, and disruptions began at 10:15am. This is currently resulting in intermittent service and slowdown that may prevent general access to Blackboard.

Our Tier II support group is currently investigating the issue, and we will update this notice once it has been resolved. We apologize for the trouble this may be causing!

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  • 18-Jan-2017