Wiki Page Size Limitation Issue

Wiki pages that exceed the size limit of 90 KB seem to be malfunctioning when students attempt to add to the wiki. This malfunction results in the entire wiki being wiped. At this time, we recommend instructors create new pages when the character count on the page reaches this 90 KB limit or, better yet, divide the wiki into logical parts in order to avoid reaching this limit.

How to find the size of your wiki page

  1. Click into the Wiki.
  2. In the Wiki Details menu, click the grey circle just to the right of the wiki page you wish to check, then click History.

  3. This will take you to the Page History which will display the size of the wiki.

The Workaround

We recommend creating extra pages for your wiki when you get close to the 90 KB limit.  To create a new wiki page, click the Create Wiki Page button in the upper left of the screen, name the page, and click Submit.

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  • 15-Mar-2016