How to add videos to your course's Media Gallery

When you perform a course copy into a new course site, only videos previously embedded into content areas (using the Kaltura mashup feature) will transfer over. To add them into the Media Gallery of your new course, you must select them from your private media page using the following steps:

1. Navigate into your new course site

2. Select My Media (All Media) found under Course Tools (near the bottom left-side of your course site)

3. From the My Media page, select the videos you would like to publish into the Media Gallery using the check-boxes (near the left-side of the page)

4. After choosing the videos, select Publish from the Actions menu (near the right-side of the page)

5. Select Published from the two options provided on the Actions page and select the course(s) where the videos will appear

6. Once you have specified where the videos will be placed, select Save to publish the videos. Once selected, a confirmation banner will appear notifying you that media publishing has been completed to the Media Gallery

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  • 08-Mar-2016