How do I add/upload content to my course?

You have a lot of options to choose from when uploading different kinds of content to your site. Take a moment to review the content types below and then follow our step-by-step instructions at the bottom of the page.

Content Type Description
Item An item may contain text, audio, video, file attachments, images, and mashups. Text in this item can be formatted using the content editor.
File This allows you to upload a file with no other text connected to it beyond the name of the file. The content editor is not used with this type of content.
SignUp List This will create a sign-up list that students add themselves to.
Image This will add an image directly to the content area
Web Link This creates a link to an online resource outside of Blackboard
Learning Module This is a content set that includes a structured path for progressing through the items it contains. If you want your students to complete tasks/readings in a very specific order, this may be a good option for your course site.
Lesson Plan This is a content type that combines information about the lesson itself and the curriculum resources used to teach it.
Syllabus Allows you to attach an existing syllabus, or create a course syllabus.
Course Link This is a short-cut to an item, tool, or area in the course site.
Content Folder Using folders allows you to group content by category or hierarchy.
Blank Page This is similar to creating an item, except that no description will appear below the title of the page. All students will see is a link, and they will have to click on the link in order to see its content.
Module Page This allows you to create a page containing several modules that help students to keep track of things. Examples of modules you can add to this page once you have created it: Bb News, Bb Knowledge Base (links to help articles), Student resources, and FSU Library Research Guides.
FlickrPhoto This mashup tool allows you to include content (images) from Flickr’s external site.
SlideShare Presentation This mashup tool allows you to link to an external site for viewing and sharing PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, or Adobe PDF portfolios.
YouTube Video This mashup tool allows you to include YouTube videos in your course site so that students can view them without leaving your Blackboard course site. This tool is currently broken, please see our workaround for sharing YouTube videos.
Kaltura Media This mashup tool makes it easy for you to share your course videos with students. For more information on how to use Kaltura in Blackboard, click here.

How to create any content item:

  1. Make certain Edit Mode is ON and access the content area where you want to create content (e.g., Syllabus).
  2. On the action bar, hover your mouse over Build Content and click the content type you wish to make (e.g., Item):
  3. On the next page, type in the name of your item.
  4. If there is an Attachments section, you can click Browse My Computer to upload a file from your computer. The file is saved in the Content Collection.
  5. Select the options you want as described on the screen. Students will only be able to see this item if you click "Yes" to Permit Users to View this Content.
  6. Click Submit.

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  • 12-Feb-2016