A Comparison of Turnitin and Blackboard Assignments

There are two types of assignments available in FSU's Blackboard: Bb Assignments and Turnitin assignments. Each offers an impressive list of functions that are worth comparing:

Features Available Bb Assignments Turnitin Assignments
Supported file types:

All file types

Plagiarism detection: Documents only

All file types (including Google Docs)

Plagiarism detection: Documents, Spreadsheets, and PowerPoints

Maximum file size:

Grade Center: 250MB
SafeAssign: 10MB

Individual Files: 40MB
Zip Files: 200 MB zipped
Upload Options:

Single File or Multiple Files. Files must be uploaded individually.

Single File, Multiple Files, Cut & Paste, and Zip File. 

More Upload Options:

Choose from computer only.

Choose from this computer, Choose from Dropbox, Choose from Google Drive. 
Plagiarism detection features

• Allow students to view originality reports.
• Source exclusion options available per individual paper.
• Exclude submissions from institutional database (for drafts).

• Allow students to view originality reports.
Source exclusion options available during assignment setup and per individual paper.
• Exclude submissions from institutional database (for drafts). There are three search options for submissions that include student paper repository, current and archived internet, as well as periodicals, journals, & publications.
• Disable search against student papers, internet sources, or scholarly journals/publications.
• Can postpone originality reports until due date.
• Courtesy email sent when originality report is ready.

• Can delay posting of comments and grades. 

• Allows submissions after the due date. Can also allow re-submissions (originality report regenerates upon each re-submission).

New Version of Turnitin:

    • Feedback Studio - Check for potential plagiarism, use drag and drop comments, leave voice comments, grade by rubric.
    • Revision Assistant - Instant formative feedback on prompt-based student writing. Icons, highlighted sentences and other tools that guide students through the writing process revision by revision, rather than just the final product.
    • Scoring Engine - Automated assessment of writing at scale. Analyzes existing sample essays and identifies patterns to grade new writing like your own instructor would. Given a set of samples, it will score an unlimited number of new essays.
    • There are now checkboxes in the Tunitin Assignment inbox that allow the instructor to see which students have seen or not seen feedback.
Due date features

• Shows on Bb Calendar

• Can choose to allow submissions after due date.

Availability settings

• On/off
• Date range (optional)

• Date range (required)
Number of attempts options

• Single
• Multiple
• Unlimited

• Single ("Paper Assignment")
• Multiple ("Revision Assignment"); treats each attempt as a related assignment

Score attempts using:

• Last grade
• Highest grade
• Lowest grade
• First grade
• Average 

One attempt per assignment
Rubrics Yes; easier to see as a student and to share with other instructors Yes (GradeMark)
Inline grading features

• Available for documents, PowerPoints, and Excel spreadsheets
• Make comments
• Add text on submission
• Draw on submission
• Highlight text
• Strikeout text
• Draw on submission
• Attach files to feedback, including audio/video feedback (iPad only)
• Grade on the go using Bb Grader (for iPad)

Demo it now!

• Available for documents, PowerPoints, and images
• Make comments with advanced QuickMark Manager
• Record voice comments
• Add text on submission
• Highlight text 
• Strikeout text
• Associate comments with rubric
• Automated grammar checking (beta) 

Group submission type Yes: One student submits on behalf of their group No
Portfolio submission type Yes: Can select/create a Bb portfolio instead of uploading a file No
Peer grading option No Yes: Create likert scale questions and free response questions for students to grade each other's papers
Anonymous grading option Yes: Obscure students' identifying information from grader Yes, but only for peer grading
Delegated grading option Yes: Assign graders to specific students or groups No
Instructor can submit on student's behalf? 

Yes (Direct Submit)


Crocodoc Viewer



Drag & Drop Files



Gradebook Sync



Course Roster Sync

Not necessary


Permission Settings



Mobile Compatible


Not at the moment. Students would need to submit using the browser on their device. 

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