Content Collection Overview

The Content Collection is the folder that houses anything you upload to your course site, ranging from document files to video files added outside the Kaltura tool.

Why use it?

  • Convenience: keep all your course files in one place
  • Streamlined workflow: use the course copy tool to copy over all your files into a new course site if you're teaching the same class next semester

How to access your course site's Content Collection:

  1. Enter your course site
  2. On the Control Panel menu underneath your course menu, click Content Collection

  3. Click the course ID (i.e. ENC1101-0001.fa15)

Keep in mind

  • Students do not automatically have access to your course's Content Collection.  Uploading a file to the Content Collection will not give students access to that file.  You will need to upload that file to a content area (eg., Course Library) in your course site.
  • Deleting an item from a content area (eg., Course Library) in your course site does not delete the file from your Content Collection.
  • There is a limit to the amount of space in your course's Content Collection.  For this reason, we recommend removing anything you don't need for the course from your Content Collection.



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  • 21-Jun-2016