Assessment Best Practices

It's always a good idea to contact us if you are ever wondering how exactly to set up your test or quiz in Blackboard, but here are the settings we generally recommend:

1) Keep the link available at all times

The link for the assessment must be set to "Yes" for any student to see it.  This is the master switch to make the link available or not.

2) Keep Force Completion off

Force Completion prevents students from being able to reenter their assessment if they leave the assessment for whatever reason.  For example, if a student experiences an internet error and they are kicked out of their assessment, they will not be able to reenter if Force Completion is turned on.  For this reason, we suggest that this option be turned off. 

3) Set the timer to control amount of time students take assessment

Proctors do not keep tabs on the amount of time students take their exam unless it's specifically requested by the instructor.  Setting a time limit is the best way to manage student’s access to an exam.

*Add 10 minutes extra time, turn auto-submit on.

Adding 10 minutes to the assessment time gives the students a cushion.  If a technical problem were to occur, the extra 10 minutes may cover any time lost while we are fixing the issue.

Auto-Submit makes it easier for you, the instructor or TA, to grade a student’s attempts.  Students won’t have the option to hold onto the assessment after the time expires, this prevents a large number of overdue assessments from piling up in your grade center.

4) Set the main availability window

This is where you set general availability.  According to the setting above, the assessment link will appear exactly at 12/14/2015 at 8:00 AM and will disappear after 3:01 PM on 12/17/2015.

5) Set the due date*

If you would like the exam to show up in a student’s calendar, then you would choose a time for the due date.

*Please do not check the gray box underneath due date labeled “Do not allow students to start the test if the due date has passed.”  If you do check this box, students won’t be able to see the exam link even if everything else is available.

6) Set desired feedback

Think carefully about what kind of feedback you want to use.  Keep in mind this is the default setting:

This setting above allows students to see which questions they got right on the exam by showing them which answers were given full credit. Since this is a possible security concern, we recommend that students see absolutely no feedback after submitting their exam.  Simply uncheck the score per question box

Now that we have covered the first setting, here is the big picture of the preferred settings as a whole:

It’s best for students to see all of their feedback either 1) After the due date, or 2) After the availability end date from the drop down menu on the left side bottom.  

If you have set the 'after due date' option, you must have a due date set for the assessment.  The same principle works for the after the availability end date option.  In the event that you would like students to see typed feedback, you would want to select the feedback check box. 

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  • 22-Apr-2016