Assessments Overview

Blackboard Assessments bring a variety of customization options and flexibility to the testing process which are designed to streamline your workflow while making your and your students' lives a little easier. The Assessments feature is great for formal tests and exams, informal quizzes, and class surveys. Student's attempts are submitted directly to your Grade Center, preserving a record of their answers and streamlining the grading process. Surveys are anonymous, so results will not show how each individual student has answered the survey questions. Instead, survey results will display aggregate data and let you know that individual students have completed the survey by displaying a green check mark in the corresponding Grade Center column.

Why use them?

  • Automatic grading for most question types - essay questions, short answer questions, and file response questions will require manual grading
  • Prevent cheating by using question pools so that each student takes a slightly different test - no need to make multiple versions of the same test!
  • Optional date and time availability settings and password protection ensure that students do not access the test until you want them to
  • Multiple attempts option allows you to not only offer multiple attempts, but also decide whether the grade for the assessment that counts towards the student's final grade for the class will be the student's latest attempt, the student's average grade for their attempts, the attempt that earned the highest grade, or their first attempt.
  • Optional in-test timer for timed tests
  • Test availability exceptions allow for easy accommodation for any students needing extra time, taking the test on a different day, etc.  Adaptive release rules allow for more advanced availability options.
  • Easy access to each student's test attempt through the Full Grade Center.  A record of all attempts is preserved in the Full Grade Center.
  • Provide your students with feedback after the test by putting feedback into test questions, allowing students to see which questions they got wrong, or adding a "quick comment" through the Grade Center that students will see on their "my grades" page.
  • Easily get a statistical breakdown of your test with Item Analysis
  • Proctored Blackboard exams are possible for both distance learning courses and on-campus courses.  For more information see Assessment and Testing.

Keep in mind

  • You cannot delete a test question once students have begun submitting an attempt that included that question
  • If you edit a test once students have submitted attempts, their attempts will be regraded automatically



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