Announcements and Email Overview

Blackboard's Announcements and Send Email tools offer easy and efficient options to communicate with your students.

Why use Announcements?

  • can't miss seeing them from within course: Students automatically see announcements first upon entering your course site by default (unless you customize your course design to alter the landing page setting)
  • conveniently displayed in the global navigation menu: Students can see new announcements across all their courses in one place under the "updates" alarm clock icon
  • Optionally send email copy of the announcement to the entire class when announcement is created
  • Offer students easy navigation to the relevant course content by including a course link in the announcement
  • Plan ahead using date restrictions: You could set up all announcements for the week or the month on one day, but the announcements would not appear until the "display after" date you select

Keep in mind

  • At present, there may be email delays for date-restricted announcements if you are reusing old announcements copied into your course site from an older version of the course. We recommend re-making the announcements in your course site to avoid this issue.

Getting started: How to create an announcement

Why use Send Email tool?

Keep in mind

  • Students may try to use the "send email" tool under "student tools" to send mass emails containing commercial content and/or malicious abuse.  You have the option of removing students' ability to use the send email tool while still being able to use it yourself as the instructor. 

 Getting started: How to use the Send Email tool



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