How to create a regular Blackboard assignment

  1. Access the content area inside your course menu where you wish to place the assignment.
  2. On the action bar at the top of the page, hover over Assessments. When the drop-down menu appears, click Assignment:

  3. On the Create Assignment page, name the assignment, write out assignment directions for students (optional), assign a due date (optional), and determine the points possible for the assignment.

  4. Under Grading Options, you have the options to Enable Anonymous Grading and Enable Delegated Grading. Anonymous grading hides student names while you or your TAs are grading their submissions. The Delegated Grading feature is not currently compatible with FSU. We do not advise using it at this time.

  5. Under Display of Grades determine how you want the grades for this assignment to display in the Grade Center. If this is a graded assignment, you will probably want to check Include in Grade Center grading calculations. If you want students to be able to see their grades for this assignment, check Show to students in My Grades.

  6. Under the availability settings, make sure that you have checked Make the Assignment Available. If you do not select this option, students will not have access to this assignment regardless of any other availability settings you apply to it.  If you wish to limit the student availability of this assignment, choose a time window and check the Display After and Display Until boxes.  Limiting availability like this means that students will not see the assignment link until the date and time you have selected for Display After, and students will no longer be able to see the assignment link after the date and time you have selected for Display Until.

  7. Click Submit.
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  • 03-Feb-2016