PeerMark Assignment: Turnitin's Peer Review Option

Turnitin's PeerMark assignment type allows students to review their peers' papers based on scale and free response questions selected by the instructor. Reviews can be anonymous or attributed, and offer students an opportunity to critically engage one another's ideas and work.

 How does it work?

  • After creating a base Turnitin assignment, create a PeerMark assignment
  • Determine how many papers students will be assigned to review, and create the free response and/or scale questions for students to fill out while reviewing their peers' papers
  • Once the students have submitted their assignments to the base Turnitin assignment link, the PeerMark assignment window opens and papers are assigned for review from the base assignment pool
  • PeerMark assignments may assign students papers to review according to automatic system distribution, manual selection by the instructor, or self-selection by the student. These distribution methods may be used in combination. For example, you could assign students to review 4 papers total: 2 papers automatically selected by Turnitin's system, 1 paper selected by the student, and 1 self review.
  • Once the PeerMark assignment due date passes, students can no longer complete or edit reviews of their peers' papers
  • On the PeerMark assignment post date the students can begin viewing the reviews of their papers

 Keep in mind:

  • The due date of the base Turnitin assignment comes before the start date of the PeerMark assignment
  • You cannot edit the assignment settings once you pass the assignment dates
  • If using the anonymous peer review option, student paper submissions must not contain the name of the author anywhere in the paper file

Getting started:

For more detailed information on PeerMark assignments see Turnitin's PeerMark Instructor User Manual

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  • 20-Jun-2016