FSU's Policy on Self-advertising through Blackboard or Canvas

FSU policy strictly prohibits using a University account for financial gain or for the propagation of spam. Therefore, FSU-owned resources like Blackboard, Canvas, and Webmail should not be used to solicit others with the personal sale of class notes, study guides, textbooks, apartment leases, etc.

Before sending an email like this, know that FSU reserves the right to suspend a user's access to its online systems and more for violating this policy. See OP-H-5: FSU Information Security Policy for more information. 

If you notice anyone sending inappropriate emails or posting inappropriate material through Blackboard, please send these to help@campus.fsu.edu so we can take action. If an inappropriate email was sent directly through Webmail, please forward it to abuse@fsu.edu

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  • 09-Nov-2017