Discussion Board Options

You (the instructor) have a variety of options for organizing discussions in Blackboard:

  • Students can be required to post to a forum before seeing other students' posts.
  • Force moderation allows you to review all posts before they are published to the forum.
  • Students can be allowed to create new threads or only reply to threads you start.
  • Students can be allowed to subscribe to forums or threads to be alerted when new posts have been made. Students can also collect a set of posts and print only those posts selected. The post-flagging feature allows students to flag a post or reply, which marks the thread for later attention if the student wishes to come back to it.
  • Students and instructors can also search discussion boards in order to find a particular topic or post. These search results can then be further filtered by author, status, read status, and tags.
  • You can create discussion forums for the entire class or split them into groups using the Groups feature. You may choose to assign the same grade to all group members or can assign individual grades.
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  • 16-Nov-2015