Rubrics Overview

Rubrics are assessment tools that list evaluation criteria for Blackboard Assignments. Rubrics are usually composed of rows and columns. Rows define the assessment criteria for the assignment, and columns describe the levels of performance for each criterion. Grades are assigned according to how well students meet these criteria.

Why use them?

  • Help students understand performance expectations so they can earn a higher grade.
  • Accurately record how well students meet course objectives or competencies.
  • Make the grade calculation easier. Total points are saved to the Grade Center automatically once the rubric is attached.
  • Reuse rubrics you’ve already made across other assignments and courses.

Keep in mind:

  • You can create your own rubrics from scratch or start with already created samples. The Office of Distance Learning has several sample rubrics ready for you to use upon request.
  • Once a rubric has been used for grading, it cannot be edited. Be sure to copy and rename your rubrics to use them for additional assignments.
  • Each cell (level of achievement) has a 1,000 character limit.

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