Bb Assignments Overview

Blackboard (Bb) Assignments let students submit their papers, presentations, and spreadsheets directly into your Grade Center. Advanced features include plagiarism deterrence, web-based grading and feedback, group submissions, anonymous grading, and delegated grading.

Why use them?

Keep in mind:

  • SafeAssign’s search algorithm is comparable to Turnitin’s, but it has a more limited external database.
  • SafeAssign requires your browser to accept third-party cookies, which may affect Safari users as Safari disables third-party cookies by default.
  • At this time, Delegated Grading does not assign graders correctly when using random sets. You will need to establish grading groups to use Delegated Grading.
  • Bb Assignments accept all major file formats; however, Excel files cannot be checked for plagiarism.

Tutorials & Features


Known Issues

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