Turnitin Overview

Turnitin is a top-ranked plagiarism deterrent service that integrates with Blackboard (Bb). When students submit their assignments to Turnitin, originality reports show which portions may have been improperly cited or plagiarized. Additional Turnitin features include inline grading, rubrics, revision assignments, and anonymous peer-editing options.

Why use it?

  • Leverage a powerful inline grading interface similar to Microsoft Word.
  • Record audio feedback for your students.
  • Use rubrics to accurately record how well students meet course objectives or competencies.
  • Make your assignments interactive with graded revisions and anonymous peer-editing options.
  • Send your students a courtesy email automatically once their assignment has been successfully submitted.

 Keep in mind:

  • Turnitin is similar to the SafeAssign plagiarism detection tool integrated directly into Blackboard.
  • Turnitin takes a little more time to set up than Bb Assignments and may require occasional system maintenance during the semester.
  • Some students accidentally skip the final submission step. They must click "Confirm" to finish their submission to Turnitin and Blackboard.
  • Because Turnitin is a third-party provider, obtaining technical support during peak times of the semester may be difficult.

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