Blackboard New Features List

The Office of Distance Learning continuously strives to create an engaging online environment for both students and instructors. Each year, we work diligently with Blackboard's Product Development team to find ways to improve our learning management system.

Here's a master list of our new features and improvements:

  1. Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite Desktop App
  2. Kalutra Video Quizzing
  3. Kaltura import media feature
  4. Shared Kaltura media ownership (Collaboration)
  5. Clipping, trimming, and replacing videos in Kaltura
  6. Kaltura video playback rate selector - Students and faculty can speed up or slow down the videos they are playing
  1. Student Preview Mode
  2. SafeAssign and Delegated Grading Added to Bb Assignments
  3. Kaltura Media: Redesigned
  4. Bb Student App (BETA)
  5. Bb Grader for iPad (BETA)

Introduced Fall 2014

  1. Global Navigation Menu
  2. Content Editor
  3. Fully Integrated Calendar
  4. Inline Assignment Grading
  5. Date Management Tool
  6. Improved Tests and Surveys
  7. Improved Group Management
  8. Accessing and Managing Groups
  9. Discussion Board Improvements
  10. Grade Center Enhancements
  11. Changing Notification Settings
  12. Updates to "My Grades"
  13. Using an Avatar in myCampus
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  • 04-Apr-2016