Copy/paste issues with content editor

At this time, users should be able to copy/paste content from other web pages and from applications like Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF using the standard keyboard shortcuts below:

PC (Mac)
Cut: Control + X (Command + X)
Copy: Control + C (Command + C)
Paste: Control + V (Command + V)

The keyboard shortcut method works anywhere in Blackboard, but there is a known compatibility issue with the right-click contextual menu.

Known Issue: Browsers do not allow right-click contextual menu copy/paste in Blackboard

When attempting to use the Copy or Paste options from the contextual menu, the editor may inform you that "Your web browser currently does not support this feature":


Your internet browser has prevented the content editor from accessing your computer's clipboard, so the content editor suggests you use the keyboard shortcuts instead.

This browser compatibility issue is not isolated to Blackboard but stems from the Javascript-based WYSIWYG editor Blackboard uses: TinyMCE. TinyMCE is an industry-leading content editor used by corporations such as Canvas, Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple. You can learn more about how this works with Blackboard on the Bb knowledge base.

If you are having trouble copying or pasting content in Blackboard using the standard keyboard shortcuts, please get in touch with us! There was an issue with this in times past but this was resolved on March 9th, 2015.

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  • 12-Feb-2016