Mobile Apps Overview

Advances in mobile technology has changed the way we interact with every aspect of our lives, including the way we learn. As a mobile user, you have several options available to you to access and manage your FSU course information:

Made for instructors:

Bb Grader allows instructors to review and evaluate student submissions from their preferred iOS devices. The same functions provided for Blackboard grading from a computer can now be accomplished with this impressive new mobile app, which is available for free via the app store.

 Made for students:

Bb Student provides a visually-intuitive method to access your Blackboard courses and features several improvements over the original Bb mobile app.

The myFSU Mobile app gives you access to the latest campus news and events as well as athletics updates, real-time bus tracking, campus maps, library hours, dining locations, laundry timers and much more. The myFSU Mobile app is available for iOS and Android devices.

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  • 03-Nov-2015