Groups Overview

The Groups tool in Blackboard is a dynamic, flexible way for instructors to incorporate collaborative work into their curriculum. Whether it be formal group projects or informal study groups, each group of students has their own area in the course site where they can work together.

Why use them?

  • Help your students work as a team with group-based blogs, discussion board, email, group file exchange,  journals, tasks, and wikis. Interactions are targeted to the group instead of the entire class.
  • Grade faster with a group grading option. The same grade will be given to all members in graded group blogs, graded group journals, and graded group wikis. Individual grades may be given for discussion board posts. 
  • Assign students to groups easily with options such as manual enrollment, self-enrollment, and random enrollment.

Keep in mind:

  • Group assignments are managed through the Bb Assignments feature, not through Groups.
  • Whenever you use the group grading options, a new column will display for each group assignment. So if you have 10 groups with three graded discussion boards, it will create 30 new Grade Center columns. In this example, grading could be managed instead through three manually added grade columns, leaving the official group grading option disabled.



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  • 12-Feb-2016