Glossary Tool

The Glossary tool in Blackboard allows instructors to define the key terms or concepts in a course for students to review.  Each term is accompanied by a definition and all terms are automatically organized.

Why use it?

  • Customized, "quick reference" knowledge base: Glossaries are a great way to corral key terms or concepts you expect students to review and learn.
  • Easy access: Students can access the Glossary via the "student tools" link on the course menu.
  • Easy reference: Terms are organized alphabetically.
  • Ease of use: Terms can be added by file upload or by manually creating an individual term within the Glossary tool
  • Flexibility: Terms can be added to the Glossary at any time

Keep in Mind:

  • The Glossary cannot be edited by students – only instructors may create and edit a Glossary.
  • If you choose to utilize the file upload tool, be sure to upload a .CSV file (Microsoft Excel saved as Comma-separated values format) or a .TXT file (Microsoft Word saved as plain text) – .DOC files are NOT compatible with the Glossary tool!


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  • 21-Jun-2016