Calendar Tool Overview

Bb Calendar

Bb Calendar is a handy tool for both instructors and students to use in order to better keep track of and manage all their due dates across several different courses. It is easily accessible through the global navigation menu, which is located in the upper right-hand-side of each page when logged into blackboard.

Why use it?

  • Displays streamlined view of institution, course, organization, and personal events
  • Offers several different viewing options with easy toggling between day, week, and month views
  • Customization to fit your needs: Color-coded filtering of personal, course, and organization events further personalizes the Calendar
  • Automatic creation of calendar events for items with due dates (tests, assignments, etc.) - these events are visible to all users in the course
  • Direct access to associated calendar items such as assignments and tests - just click on it to get to the item itself!
  • Can be imported into an external calendar application (Outlook, Google, iPhone, Mac iCal, Yahoo, Android, and Windows Live)
  • Easy planning: By clicking and dragging a calendar event (eg., test or assignment) instructors can change due dates from within the Calendar tool

Keep in Mind 

  • Only instructors can create course calendar events that are visible to the entire class.  However, all users may create personal and private events to give themselves a view of daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.


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  • 27-Jun-2016