How to create course Wikis

Creating and editing Wikis

Wikis offer a collaborative place within a course site where students can view, contribute, and edit course content. As with course discussion boards, wikis can be created as graded items in the course sites. 

While any user in the course can edit the Wiki pages, simultaneous editing is not currently available. When a Wiki page is being edited, it will be locked so that only one user will have access to the page at a time.

For more details on Wikis, please view the following video:

Viewing a Wiki Page History and Grading a Wiki

When edited, Wiki pages will be stored in the page history, allowing instructors to revert back to any previous version if necessary. Access to Wiki Page History is available from the drop-down menu from a Wiki's homepage. 

If a Wiki is set to be graded, a column is automatically created within the grade center. This setting cannot be turned off once it is set. You can, however, opt to exclude the column from the Grade Center calculations.

Note: A Grade Center column is automatically created when you enable graded wikis. Once enabled, the grading setting cannot be changed.

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  • 24-Mar-2016