Technology Recommendations for FSU’s Blackboard

In order to have the best experience possible with FSU’s Blackboard (, please make certain you have a newer computer, a strong internet connection, and up-to-date software:

  1. Have a newer computer:
    • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, or 10
    • Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) or later
  2. Have a strong internet connection: Wired or wireless internet through a broadband (cable) provider such as Comcast. DSL (e.g., CenturyLink) is not preferred for video playback, web conferencing/chat, and other high bandwidth activities.
  3. Have up-to-date software:
      • Mozilla Firefox: the latest version (PC/Mac)
      • Google Chrome: the latest version (PC/Mac)
      • Internet Explorer: version 11 (PC)
      • Safari: version 6+ (Mac)

A note on Windows Edge
Blackboard provisionally supports the new Windows Edge browser on Windows 10. However, you may encounter problems in Blackboard and other websites since it is brand new. Therefore, we recommend one of the four proven browsers above. Currently, the Blackboard Browser Checker does not correctly identify the Microsoft Edge Browser.  If you are unsure of which browser you are using, contact FSU ODL Technical Support.

    • Java SE 8: Verify you are on the latest update
      • Google Chrome: The Chrome browser used to offer the option of enabling NPAPI to enable Java support, but the current version of Chrome (Chrome 45 - released September 1, 2015) does not support NPAPI plugins at all and so does not allow Java to run.  We recommend using another browser (Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari) for content collection file-uploads.
      • Mac OS X 10.8 and later: Java is no longer shipped as part of the operating system and must be downloaded and installed.
    • Adobe Acrobat Reader: Stay on the latest update (not as pivotal)
    • Microsoft Office 2010 or later: Specifically: Word, Excel and PowerPoint. FSU offers Microsoft Office 365 to all students free of charge. Learn more
    • Adobe Flash: Stay on the latest update
    • Media player:
    • Blackboard Collaborate: Systems check to make sure that you are able to run Bb Collaborate

Computer labs are available at the Oglesby Union (Room 202), Carothers Hall (Room 315), campus libraries, or online using a virtual computer lab (myFSUVLAB).  Visit ITS’ Computer Labs website for more information.

For issues with Blackboard login and functionality, please contact FSU ODL Technical Support:

FSU ODL Technical Support
(850) 644-8004
University Center C, Suite 3500

For other technology-related matters such as issues with your username or with, please contact FSU Information Technology Services:

FSU Information Technology Services
(850) 644-4357
Shaw Building, 644 W Call Street

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  • 02-Mar-2017