Grade Center Enhancements

These three features were added to the Grade Center for the Fall 2014 semester and should make your life a little easier.

1. Set Multiple Attempts Options Inside Tests or the Grade Center

Now you can use the "Score attempts using" drop-down menu directly in the Test Options and Create Assignment pages to choose which score to add to the Grade Center. Previously this was a separate function that had to be applied within the Grade Center. This workflow improvement, which allows you to alter the setting in both places, will save you time as you create tests and assignments.

2. Total Points Adjustment for Tests

Instructors can set the total points possible on a test's grade column independently of the test itself. As shown in the screenshot below:

The total for this column is automatically calculated by default. If you wish to ignore the automatic total and specify a fixed value, check this checkbox and then change the points. While the override is in effect, any changes resulting in a new automatic total will not be reflected in the effective total for this column.

3. Grading Schemas Greater Than 100%

Instructors can now make the uppermost value in a grading schema greater than 100%. For example, if a student earns 100% or more, an instructor may choose to assign A+ to those scores. For more information on Grading Schemas, see About Grading Schemas.

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  • 18-Nov-2015