Global Navigation Menu

The Global Navigation menu in Blackboard allows you to quickly and easily find the information you're looking for.

Advantages of the Global Navigation Menu

  • Simplicity: The Global Navigation menu is always present, no matter what page you navigate to in Blackboard.
  • Efficiency: Quickly and easily navigate between course and organization sites, and access useful FSU links, eg., Webmail, FSU Libraries, FSUCard, myFSU, etc.
  • Convenience: View several types of information in one place, eg., new announcements, new content in course sites, new discussion board posts, and your Bb Calendar
    • Students: Easily check all your grades with one quick glance and quickly find out if an instructor has made a test available or responded to your discussion board post by looking at the Updates and Posts tools.
    • Instructors: Easily view all items ready for grading and all discussion board posts in your Updates tool, which provides links for you to navigate directly to the specific item.  Also use the Retention Center to check on your students and see if any may be falling behind on their work.

How to access the Global Navigation Menu

Your Global Navigation menu is located in the upper-right corner of the screen and displays your name:

Image showing where Global Navigation menu is on the page: Upper right corner of screen next to your name. Simply click on the downward-facing arrow to expand/collapse the Global Navigation menu.

When your Global Navigation menu is expanded, you will see the My Blackboard Menu displayed on the left, and the User Menu on the right.

My Blackboard Menu (left pane)


Bb Home
Bb Home

Screenshot Bb Home gives you an overview of what items are due and what items have been recently graded. Move your mouse pointer over "View" to reveal your grade instantly from Global Navigation. Bb Home also displays upcoming calendar events plus the five most recent posts from peers and instructors.


Screenshot Posts displays various kinds of posts (discussion boards, blogs, wikis, etc.) made recently in your course and organization sites. You may opt out of any organization sites you are not interested in.



Updates allows you to review a list of notifications about recent events in your Blackboard sites, especially as it relates to items becoming available or student work that needs review.

My Grades
My Grades

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
My Grades (students) displays your grade totals in one place for all of your active courses, or drill down into any course's My Grades page within the menu to view all your grades for that course. Other advanced features, such as the ability to view all recently graded items regardless of course, make finding your newest grades simpler.

Retention Center
Retention Center

Screenshot Retention Center (instructors) displays the Blackboard-compiled reports designed to alert you of any students who may be falling behind on their work. Blackboard analyzes information such as missed deadlines, poor grades, and most recent access dates to help you identify these students for each of your courses.


Screenshot The calendar is a powerful tool that can help students and instructors stay on top of all of their deadlines and events. Working very similarly to Outlook and Google Calendar, Blackboard events are now much more natural to manage and can even be imported dynamically into your phone, tablet, or computer. Global Navigation makes the calendar a cinch to find. Learn more

User Menu (right pane)



Displays the last five courses visited followed by a complete list of all courses


Displays the last five organizations visited followed by a complete list of organizations


Links to frequently used University applications, websites, and services (e.g., myFSU, FSUID Management, FSUCard, FSU Libraries, etc.)


View or modify Blackboard settings tied to your account (e.g., language pack, privacy options, global navigation settings)

(Home Icon)
Quickly navigates to the Home tab of Blackboard.

(Help Icon)
Displays the FSU ODL Technical Support tab for recent service notices, known issues, FAQs, and other FSU Blackboard resources

Video Tutorial

If your Global Navigation menu does not seem to be updating, clearing your browser's cache and cookies may fix this issue.

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