Instructors: How do I request (create) a course site?

Instructors must request their new Blackboard course sites each semester. Once requested, Blackboard will double-check that you, the instructor, have been assigned to teach the course in myFSU's Faculty Center before creating it in Blackboard. Once created, you can copy in content or build your content fresh.

How to find the course request tool: 

  1. Navigate to the Courses & Orgs tab:
  2. Locate the Instructor Course Tools module in the Courses & Orgs tab. Select Request a Course/Dev Site link:
    Select the first link in the Instructor Course Tools module
  3. Press the Request Course Site button at the top-left:

How to request a course site:

  1. From the course site request tool, select the type of course site to create:
    • Individual: This will make one site per section selected. Note: You can request all of your individual sites at once.
    • Cohort: This will group all of the sections and courses selected into one mega site.
    This will affect your course's display name in Blackboard. Learn more
  2. Your courses should be listed under Add course from registrar's database, assuming your college assigned you as the Primary Instructor in myFSU's Faculty Center. If they are, press the Add button to place them into the Bb Website Request box on the right.
  3. If you do not see your courses listed, you may use the Manually add a course field to request the course site. Enter each section one-at-a-time, pressing the Add button to place them into the Bb Website Requestbox:
    Please keep in mind that you will not be added to the course automatically if you are not listed as the Primary Instructor or Instructor of Record by your college. 
  4. Click Next at the bottom of the page. If you have any additional requests for Blackboard User Support, feel free to Add comments. All comments will be read by Blackboard User Support for your assistance. Click the Submit button to send the course request to our system.

You should receive an email from ODL Technical Support ( detailing the status of your request. Courses are typically generated within two hours but may take up to 24 hours to process during peak times of the semester.

Course naming conventions

Blackboard uses a "Course ID" to uniquely identify each course site in the system. Unless you change your course's display name, students will see your Course ID listed after the course title. The course title comes from your department (more specifically, what they set in myFSU), and the Course ID comes from us.

For example, here is how an individual or cohort site might look:

Individual Site: Introduction to Economics (ECO2000-0003.sp16)
Cohort Site: Introduction to Economics (ECO2000.sp16.web_cohort1) 

A few notes:

  • Semester identifiers:
    • Spring: "sp"
    • Summer: "su"
    • Fall: "fa"
  • Individual courses use a 4-digit section number (in this case, "0003") with a semester identifier ("sp16") at the end.
  • Cohorts place the semester identifier ("sp16") in the middle. The cohort number at the very end is generated sequentially based on the course ("ECO2000") and carries no significant meaning ("web_cohort2"). In this case, this was the second time a cohort was requested for ECO2000 for the Spring 2016 semester.
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  • 06-Dec-2016