Getting Started with Turnitin

Turnitin is a plagiarism detection service offered as part of FSU's Blackboard system that checks assignment submissions against a large database of journals, publications, and student-submitted papers and reports the percentage of text matches against the sources. This percentage can be used by instructors to assist in the detection of plagiarism.

All courses in Blackboard have Turnitin available as an option for instructors. Below are the basic steps for creating a Turnitin assignment and retrieving the submissions.

Creating a Turnitin Assignment

Setting up an assignment that uses the Turnitin service is a simple process:

  1. From within your course, choose the Content Area from the course menu where you would like to set up a Turnitin assignment. (Note: Edit Mode must be enabled.)
  2. Select Create Assessment > Turnitin Assignment.
  3. A prompt will appear to select your assignment type. For the standard Turnitin service, choose Paper Assignment. (Additional training for Peermark and Revision assignments will be available soon.)
  4. Provide the title, point value, dates, and any other relevant details for the assignment. (Note: The Post Date determines when students will see their feedback, please keep this in mind when creating assignments)
  5. After submitting the form, the setup process is complete.

Retrieving Submitted Assignments

After assignments have been submitted by students, instructors have two options for retrieving the documents for review:

Grade Center Retrieval

  1. Under the Grade Center column associated with the assignment, a green icon representing a student's attempt will appear in the cell.
  2. Hover over the cell with the green attempt icon, select the drop-down button that appears, and choose View Grade Details.
  3. On the Grade Details window, select Edit: View User Activity.
  4. The student's paper is available for viewing by selecting the icon under the User's Paper section.

Turnitin Assignments Course Tool Retrieval

  1. Under Course Management, select Control Panel > Course Tools: TurnitIn Assignments.
  2. A listing of all Turnitin Assignments available in the course will be displayed. Choose the relevant assignment from the list.
  3. The Turnitin Assignment Inbox displays information regarding the submitted documents, including an Originality Report percentage (indicating the number of matches against the Turnitin database), a grade column, and a link to view the file.

If you would like to learn more about Turnitin, they host a YouTube Channel with visual tutorials on using the service.

If you have questions about Turnitin or any other Blackboard feature, please contact ODL Technical Support by phone at 850-644-8004 or by e-mail at

Note: Please be aware that Turnitin is available only in Blackboard courses - this feature is not available in organizations.

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  • 06-Dec-2016