i>clicker Instructor Overview

i>clicker is FSU's preferred polling software. i>clicker allows you, the instructor, to administer in-class tests and polls to boost attendance and class participation. i>clicker scores are recorded onto your USB drive and then are able to be synchronized with Blackboard's Grade Center afterwards.

Disclaimer:  Only download the i>clicker 7 program from the want to use your own USB drive? section in Step 1 below.  If you download it anywhere else it may not be the same version. 

Step 1: Acquire i>clicker hardware

In order to use i>clicker you will need the following:

  1. an i>clicker receiver,
  2. an instructor i>clicker, and
  3. a USB ("flash") drive.

You are welcome to use your own hardware (i>clicker is backwards compatible, meaning it works on old versions). If you are missing any hardware, feel free to request whatever items you need.

Already have an instructor clicker?

You may not need anything else! You can use your own USB drive (see section below), and FSU's Technology Enhanced Classrooms (TEC) group already has their own set of i>clicker receivers that may be used depending on which classroom you are using. To determine whether or not you need an i>clicker receiver, please contact TEC.

Want to use your own USB drive?

No problem! All you need is to have the i>clicker program downloaded (links below) and placed anywhere inside the USB drive:

Please note: You must first unzip the package before you can move the i>clicker folder onto your USB drive. If you need any help, call us at (850) 644-8004.

How to request i>clicker hardware (free!)

Faculty and staff may request specific hardware (including student clickers) by emailing Mandy, our i>clicker support representative, and CCing Nick, our senior ODL Technical Support specialist:

Mandy Gunnell - amanda.gunnell@macmillan.com

Nick Derella - nderella@campus.fsu.edu

A complete i>clicker instructor kit can be loaned to faculty and staff free of charge. This kit includes:

  • a receiver
  • a blue instructor clicker
  • a white student clicker
  • a USB drive (or "flash drive")
  • a USB cord to connect your receiver to the computer
  • an AC adapter to plug into the receiver (not required)

Step 2: Access the i>clicker interface

Once your hardware is ready to go, you can access i>clicker through your USB drive. Here's how:


  1. Go to Start on your computer.
  2. Select My Computer.
  3. Open the USB drive with i>clicker installed.
  4. Open i>clicker Win.
  5. Double-click iclicker.exe to run i>clicker:


  1. Go to Finder.
  2. Under Devices, open the USB drive with i>clicker installed.
  3. Open the FSU_iclicker_mac7 folder and double-click iclicker.app:

Step 3: Create your course in i>clicker

  1. Press the Create button to set up a new course in i>clicker:
  2. Provide a course name that you will see only in i>clicker and press the Create button. It does not have to match the official course name in Blackboard/Registrar:
  3. Highlight your course and select Settings:
  4. Under the General tab, enter your Instructor Remote ID which is found on the back of your blue instructor clicker.
  5. Under the Scoring tab, select how you would like i>clicker points to be scored.
    1. Participation points:These points are earned for simply participating in a class session. Individual answers are not calculated.
    2. Performance  points: These are points earned per each question asked in class:
      Points for responding: Reward points simply for clicking any answer
      Points for correct response: Reward points only when the answer is correct
  6. If you plan to synchronize i>clicker enrollments or grades with Blackboard, please keep the i>clicker settings window open and complete the remaining steps. If you do NOT wish to leverage the Bb integration, you can skip to the last step!

  7. On your internet browser, you will need to find the i>clicker security key for your course site. You can find this under your Bb course site's Control Panel under Course Tools:

  8. Select the SSO Security Key link to generate a security key (see screenshot below). Then, copy the security key displayed into your computer's clipboard or write it down for the next step.
  9. Back in i>clicker, go to the Gradebook tab and press the Select Course button.
    Enter your Bb username (FSUID) and the SSO security key from the previous step.
  10. Select the course you wish to integrate with in Blackboard.
  11. Click Save. You can ignore any errors about roster csv files.

How to Sync Rosters/Scores in Blackboard

Using the Blackboard Integration

If you have completed Step 3 above, then you may use the Blackboard integration to update your student rosters and scores.

  1. From the i>clicker interface, select your course and press the Open Gradebook button:
  2. Press the Sync Roster or Sync Scores button.

Manually from i>clicker to Blackboard

  1. From the i>clicker interface, select your course and press the Open Gradebook button:
  2. Press the Export button:
  3. Contact FSU Bb Support for more assistance (it gets a little complicated!).

Manually from Blackboard to i>clicker

  1. Go into your Bb course site's Grade Center
  2. Select the Work Offline button located in the upper, right corner
  3. Download your Grade Center as comma-delimited
  4. Save it as gb_export.csv inside the Classes section of your USB drive

How to turn on the receiver

  1. Plug the receiver into your computer via a USB cord
  2. Plug the USB drive into your computer or into the receiver. If you plug it into the receiver and get a warning that it is using too much power, you will have to plug the black AC adapter into the receiver.

Additional Resources