Automated Regrading for Assessments Feature

Grade Center automatically regrades your students' attempts after editing a deployed test. This means that every time you alter a test's point values, whether by adjusting a question's point value, changing a correct answer, or removing a question, Grade Center will recalculate any previously submitted attempts that included that question accordingly. Once the edit is made, instructors may opt to have the system notify all students affected.

Please note: If a test has one or more attempts in progress, you will be unable to remove that question until all open attempts have been completed or cleared.

How to Regrade an Assessment
Every time you update a question and click Submit and Update Attempts, Blackboard will update your students' scores automatically. You do not need to take any special action to regrade your assessment.

Please note: There is currently no way to edit a test without updating all attempts retroactively.

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  • 18-Dec-2015