How to add closed captioning to a Tegrity recording

Recorded Tegrity sessions have the ability to contain closed captioning. This will allow users to pause and read as well as allow instructors to clarify specific areas with greater details. Follow the steps below to add closed captioning to a Tegrity video:

    1. Transcribe the audio to text and save it to a TXT formatted file.
      • Use a program like Notepad (P.C) or TextEdit (Mac).
    2. Add timestamps to define the start and stop times in which the captions will appear. Follow the examples below:
      [00:00:00.000]Hello and Welcome! As teachers, we spend a lot of time thinking
      [00:00:05.000]about what we will teach and how we will teach it.
      [00:00:10.000]We plan lessons and units and reflect on the latest innovative instructional approaches,
      [00:00:15.000]yet we often overlook one of the basic elements of a constructive learning environment,
      [00:00:20.000]the design of the physical classroom space

      *Note: Use no more than 90 characters per line, including spaces. Captions should consist of simple ASCII characters; do not use special characters (e.g., trademark, em dash, en dash). Learn more by accessing and typing the word "caption" in the search field.
    3. Once the TXT file is properly formatted and saved, log in to the Blackboard course where Tegrity is enabled.
    4. Select the My Tegrity Classes link.
    5. When the Tegrity page loads, select the Tegrity recording where captions will be applied.
    6. At the bottom left side of the page, select Choose an Action… from the pull-down menu.
    7. Select Edit.
    8. This will open the Tegrity Class Editor. At the bottom left of this new page, look for the Actions pull-down menu and select Add Closed Captioning.
    9. Select the Select button and point the computer's directory to the TXT file.
    10. Select Apply.
    11. Give Tegrity a moment to process and then select the Play button to review the captions.
    12. Select Exit when done.
    13. Adjust the synchronization of the text and the speaker as needed in the TXT file. If changes were made, re-upload the file following the steps above.
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  • 30-Oct-2015