I registered for my course, so why isn't it showing up?

If you can't find the course you registered for in myFSU Student Central (my.fsu.edu), you can probably find out why just by answering these questions:

  1. Did the semester start yet? You aren't put into your course sites until 10 days before the term begins.
  2. Did you add the course fewer than 24 hours ago? Blackboard enrollments don't update immediately, so you may want to just check back in a few hours.
  3. CURRENTLY DISABLED Do you see the course listed in the FSU Class Schedule module in Blackboard? Go to the Home tab and look for the first box on the right. It looks like this:
    1. Make sure you are looking at the right year and term. It defaults to the current term.
    2. If your course's number appears in the second column, then that means you are officially registered to take the class. 
    3. Pay attention to the status symbols under the first column (Bb Sites & Status):

      The course site is ready for student access. You should be able to select the course now.

      The course site is in Blackboard but has been made unavailable to you and your classmates by your instructor.

      No Bb site for this course: 
      Your instructor has not created the site yet. Some instructors wait until after the first week of class to get their site set up, and some sections don't use Blackboard at all. If you switched sections and are seeing this symbol, that means your new section doesn't have a Bb site. If it's an online course and the semester has started, you should probably contact the instructor or department.

      Enrollment Pending: 
      You either have a Registrar hold due to non-payment or something is awry on our side. Feel free to contact us to confirm.
  4. Do you see the course listed in the My Bb Course Sites module?  It is listed immediately below the FSU Class Schedule module and looks like this: 

    Sometimes the FSU Class Schedule takes a little bit longer to refresh than it's supposed to. Feel free to report the incident in case others might be experiencing the same problem.
  5. Did you hide the site from your My Bb Course Sites module at some point? You can customize what courses appear on the Home tab's My Bb Course Sites module by hovering over the module and selecting the gear icon that appears. Make sure all courses you wish to be displayed are checked under the Display Course Name column and click SubmitTip: You can quickly check this possibility by going to the Courses & Orgs tab since that displays all your courses no matter what. If it shows up there, you must have hidden it from the Home tab.
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  • 30-Aug-2017