I don't see my students in my site. When will they show up?

Blackboard matches its course enrollments with myFSU Student Central every four to eight hours. If your site was just created or if students recently added your course, they will not appear immediately.

If it's been over eight hours, there are a few other possibilities:

  • The semester has not officially started. We transition to the next semester approximately 10 days before it begins. After this happens, you should expect to see students appear in your course.
  • If it's a cohort, the section may not have been included in the original Bb website request. The person who originally requested the site can confirm what sections are being included in the site and can add any missing sections on-the-fly. Here's how.
  • Students who dropped the course and re-added it may need technical assistance. Enrollments get tricky when students add your course, drop them, and add them back. Blackboard has to pick the right record, which is a lot harder than it sounds.
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  • 23-Nov-2015