I'm trying to enroll a user, but I cannot find her! What do I do?

Having trouble enrolling a user? Please check to see if he or she is already enrolled in the course. You can check by clicking Users and Groups within the Control Panel in your course site, then clicking on Users. You can then search by Username, Last name, First name or E-mail.

If you see that the user is not already enrolled and you cannot find her using the Find Users to Enroll link, then they are most likely hidden (or "invisible") within the course site. The Blackboard system will sometimes hide students for various reasons, such as switching sections or dropping a course through the Registrar. This is to protect grades and assignments that a student may have submitted, since all information is lost if a user is completely removed from a course.

In order to make the student visible again, please contact ODL Technical Support. Please include the user's name, username (FSUID), and course site in which he or she needs access.

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  • 06-Dec-2016