How to attach a rubric to a gradable item in Blackboard

You can very easily attach a rubric to any gradable item in Blackboard (assignments, blogs, journals, wikis, or discussion board forums):

  1. Select the down arrow next to the item's name.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. When the edit page loads, scroll down to (3) Grading and select Add Rubric.

At this point, you will have three options for associating a rubric with the item:

  • Select Rubric lets you use a rubric that has already been created
  • Create New Rubric allows immediate creation of a new rubric
  • Create From Existing uses a previously created rubric as a template to create a new one

To create a rubric from an existing one:

  1. Select Create from Existing.
  2. When the new page loads, select the existing rubric and then Submit. The existing rubric will appear and can be edited.
  3. Select Submit again and the new rubric will be created and associated with the gradable item.
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  • 09-Dec-2015